Four reasons why you should build an electric car

One of the things that are attracting a lot of attention these days is electric cars. These are types of cars that use electric motors instead of the usual internal combustion engine to drive. Instead of petrol and diesel, electric cars, as the name suggests, use electricity.

They are becoming increasingly popular because they have several advantages over the traditional automobile. These benefits relate to some of the problems facing the world today, such as air pollution, a steady decline in the supply of natural resources and the rising cost of living.

Some of the advantages that the electric car has over the traditional gas guzzlers are the following:

1st acquisition

Electric cars are practically cheaper than conventional cars. The most important factor here are the parts. In electric cars, batteries are usually the most expensive component, but they are only small compared to conventional cars. Even with an electric car conversion, car owners do not have to buy a new car. All you need is an old car, a few hundred dollars and an electric car kit for anyone building an electric car.

2. fuel

The price of petroleum products has risen in recent years, and that has been the main problem with conventional cars. Car owners can pay much less in a month if they use electric cars compared to gasoline – they eat them. Electricity also brings a better return on owners’ money, as it is used almost exclusively to run the car. On the other hand, conventional vehicles consume only 20% of the energy in every litre of petrol. The rest is produced as waste, which leads us to the next advantage.

3. by-products

Normal cars emit pollutants every time they run. These contribute to air pollution, which is the main cause of respiratory diseases, eye irritation and global warming. On the other hand, electric cars do not cause emissions. This is why they are called “Zero Emission Vehicles” or ZEVs. However, the power plants that produce electricity to power these cars are the ones that emit pollutants. Fortunately, it is only marginal compared to those produced by all normal cars.

4. efficiency cars can be fast

Electric cars can drive fast because electric cars are logically lighter. This is due to the lack of some heavy parts, which include combustion driven parts. The lack of gears in some EVs also ensures smoother acceleration and braking. Electric cars almost consume their energy, so they can drive many miles before they run out of charge. Also due to a phenomenon known as regenerative braking, some of the energy used in acceleration is recovered when an electric car stops.

Everyone is encouraged to try electric cars. As already mentioned, it is easy to purchase so that everyone can practically own one. For this reason, the idea of doing an electric car conversion is becoming more and more popular.

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